The Nehru jacket is a hip-length tailored coat for men with a mandarin collar. It has pocket on chest.

Where to wear

There are various occasions where you can wear Nehru Jackets, be it a family get-together, business lunch, dinner dates or casual outings with your colleagues, you can style your outfits with a Nehru Jacket and rock every look.

How to wear Nehru Jackets

They can be worn on multiple different occasions and as they are versatile.

How to wear Nehru Jackets-

 They can be worn on multiple different occasions and as they are versatile.

  • Indian Wear:

You can simply pair up your Kurta and pyjamas combination with this jacket. The only thing to keep in mind is that the fabric should be slightly towards the traditional side. You can always choose fabrics like Khadi, Silk, tussar etc and use the same color scheme for the jacket to get perfect ethnic look.

  • Formals Wear

Now gentlemen, when it comes to formal look, the key is well-tailored jackets. Your jacket should be well fitted and you should button it up. Pairing a Nehru style jacket along with formal shirts and pant is the basic style and this will make you look classy at a wedding function or dinner dates. Wear Shoes to get a formal look.

  • Casual Wear

Pairing a light fabric jacket along with a formal or casual shirt with dark pants will make you look super trendy and stylish. You can play with unique colour combinations of jackets. Leaving the buttons open makes it look even more casual.

  • Denim Wear

For all you people who love denims to a great extent, we have some good news for you! Try pairing your Nehru style jackets along with denim jeans. Trust me; it will up your fashion game. All you have to do is pick up your favourite colours (try to select funky ones and not just boring dark colour tones). This attire is great to sport on the streets and will sure amp up your look if you wear a contrasting shirt beneath the jacket.